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Why Choose a More Than a Medal Tee Shirt?

As with our prints, we wanted to make sure that our tee shirts reflect our value in high quality products. Rather than producing a piece of throwaway or fast-fashion, our aim is to design clothing that you are proud to wear, printed on materials made to last and at minimal cost to the environment.

Each tee shirt is printed to order, meaning we don’t keep excess stock laying around thereby reducing the potential for waste. We researched clothing manufacturers to ensure that our collaboration would be ethically sound. Our producer’s credentials include:

  • Only using 100% GOTS organic cotton and recycled materials;
  • Global Recycle Standard certified;
  • PETA approved Vegan
  • Wear Fair Foundation affiliation;
  • Ranked in the top 16 leading sustainable brands by the Textile Exchange.

The illustrations are printed onto the tee shirts using water-based inks. The inks used are OEKO-TEX® approved, meaning that they don't contain any regulated or unregulated chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

Our tee shirts are delivered in 100% plastic free packaging.

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