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Isolation Inspiration part 1: Our Favourite Running Documentaries

In these unusual times, as runners we are lucky to still be able to do the thing we love, even though we aren't able to get together with our running friends and our training goals have changed. I will admit that, personally, I've felt a bit anxious to go out running recently but know that keeping a regular routine will be of huge benefit in the long run.

If you need a bit of extra motivation, or activities to keep your mind occupied, we'd like to help by providing some resources. We'll start with some running documentaries that are either free or very cheap to rent online. 

We've picked our favourite three and added a more extensive list further down and hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


the runners

The Runners

A short film made in 2013 by GoodGym founder, Ivo Gormley. Shot in London's Victoria Park over the course of a few months, Ivo sat in a cart pulled along by a pushbike and interviewed runners. Initially phased by the questions, the answers captured on film expose the profoundly personal reasons why people run. Tissues at the ready.

Watch here (free):


Run Forever

The story of Nicky Spinks, a 49 year old cancer survivor  who set out to break the 132 mile Double Bob Graham Round record which had been in place for almost 40 years. This film will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will inspire you and it will make you want fish and chips. 

Watch here (free):


The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young 

A fascinating look behind the scenes of arguably the most difficult race in the world to finish. Inspired by a botched prison escape in brutal Tennessee wilderness, the Barkley has only had a handful of finishers since 1986, and gaining entry is as tough as finishing the race. This documentary is a real nail biter and wil have you gripped.

Watch here (£2.99 rental):


Last Women Standing

Nicky Spinks attempts to become the first female finisher of the infamous Barkley Marathon. 

Watch here (free):


Skid Row Marathon

An L.A judge assembles a group of homeless, criminal and addicted men and women and trains them to run marathons. 

Watch here (free with Amazon Prime):


3100: Run and Become

The mid boggling story of a group of people who compete to complete 3100 miles around one block in New York.

Watch here (free with Amazon Prime):


Courney Dauwalter: The Source

Delving into the drive of one of the world's most successful female ultra runners and the people who support her. 

Watch here (for free):


Found on 49

Jim Walmsey took on the Western States 100 in 2016. On track to beat the course record, his goal came to an end on Highway 49.

Watch here (for free):